Expect a Miracle

Autor: Günther Mayer
Life according to the laws and rhythm of nature
Amerik.-Englische Ausgabe; 9,90 EUR, ISBN 3-9808783-2-5

Positive unexplainable happenings are those, which are classed as miracles. The title of this book "Expect a Miracle" is a challenge to everyone to think about the universal creative energy that is responsible for everything that surrounds us.

With the right psychological approach to life, we can keep an energetic balance. This together with a sufficient life energy niveau can keep us healthy, well-being and physically and psychologically solvent.

The lack of life-energy ist the cause of all illness. Therfore it is crucial to understand how an energy deficiency can arise and, more important, how we can avoid it.

Psycho-hygiene, nutrition, exercise, air, water, earth's magnetic energy and sunlight-energy are the seven pillars of our health. A life supported by these seven pillars and an existence that is orientated on the order and rhythm of nature will provide us with an abundance of life-energy.

Preis: 9.90 EUR

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